Zlatan Ibrahimovic denies being racist towards Romelu Lukaku

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has emphatically denied allegations claiming that he had made racist slurs against Romelu Lukaku in the mid-week dispute.

As is known, the AC Milan vs Inter Milan duel, which was titled the Coppa Italia quarter-final on Wednesday (27/01), was actually stopped for a while because of the chaos between several players from the two camps.

The focus of the incident was Ibrahimovic with Lukaku. Starting from the violation committed by Alessio Romagnoli against Lukaku, the Belgian striker did not seem to accept it and immediately approached the Milan player.

Ibra himself then made a provocation which resulted in his fight with Lukaku. The two of them had exchanged taunts. The situation heated up and the two almost got into a fight.

It is not clear what words were said during the war between the two sides, but the Italian media claimed that Ibra had made racist insults against his former MU colleague.

However, not long after the match ended, Ibra then firmly denied the accusation.

“In the world of ZLATAN there is no place for RACISM. We are all the same race – we are all the same! We are all PLAYERS, some are better than others.” Firmly Ibra.

So far it is not known whether Ibra has apologized to Lukaku, but what is clear is that the 39-year-old player has apologized to the AC Milan squad.

The reason is, Ibra received a second yellow card from the referee in the second half, which caused Milan to play with only 10 people and finally lost 1-2 to his city rivals.

In a sense, Ibra’s red card affected the final result of the match as said by coach Stefano Pioli.

“It affected the red card because he was yellow carded. I don’t know what they said. That could happen, we have to think about the next one, ”

“The second yellow card was from his desire to get the ball back and help the team. He could have been more calm, but it happened. In the dressing room he apologized, “said AC Milan coach Stefano Pioli to RAI Sport.

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