Zidane’s response for third draw in a row

In the last three matches, Real Madrid managed to be undefeated, but the record cannot be proud of, because in fact, in those three matches they also only won a draw, including in the match against Athletic Bilbao yesterday. So what did Zinedine Zidane’s manager say about that fact?

As is known, Real Madrid faced Athletic Bilbao in the 18th Jornada of the Spanish La Liga last weekend. Appearing as a host, Real Madrid has actually tried many ways to score goals and beat Bilbao. Too bad those opportunities ended anticlimax, as a result the game ended with a score of glasses.

For information, yesterday’s draw against Bilbao was the third consecutive draw obtained by Real Madrid. The previous two games Los Blancos were held to draw Barcelona (0-0) and Valencia (1-1). Three matches only produce three points, certainly not a record to be proud of.

Moreover, coach Zinedine Zidane feels that his players have done everything to win in the three parties.

“Three points in three matches is very little compared to what we have done on the field,” said Zinedine Zidane was quoted from the official website of Real Madrid.

Even so, the French manager was reluctant to blame his players for the results, because Zidane felt his team was just not being shaded by luck.

“They have given everything they have and so has I. “I always see the positive side and the positive thing is that we are doing a good performance lately,” said Zidane.

Furthermore, Zidane feels that Real Madrid does not need a new striker, following the assumption of the dependence of Los Blancos on Karim Benzema since the beginning of this season. When the Frenchman did not perform well, Real Madrid must fail to win or lose.

“No, absolutely not needing a new attacker. We have to stay calm, we have a quality team, we know that we can just score goals and the lack of these goals we will change with patience and calmness, “he concluded.

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