Young Lex Gets Mad Because His Daughter Is Insulted Because Of The Plagiarism Video Clip

Not only Young Lex and his wife who became the target of netizens’ ridicule related to the allegation of video clips of plagiarism, even their children were “victims”. This made Young Lex furious and did not remain silent.

This can be seen from one of the comments on the Personal Instagram account, a netizen ridiculed Young Lex’s child by calling him an illegitimate child.

Actually, Young Lex doesn’t matter if the one who is insulted and scorned is himself or his wife, but when his son is also the target of ridicule, that’s where Young Lex feels furious.

Moreover, after finding out that netizens who mocked their children, calling their children illegitimate, turned out to be mothers.

“Actually, I’m just normal, I’m not too angry. He wanted to say, free. But my wife was angry. Because she was angry, I was angry too. Dianya is sad, I feel sorry for her,” said Young Lex

Apart from calling their children illegitimate, these netizens also prayed for their daughters.

“You say (my child) is an illegitimate child, he will definitely become a prostitute,” explained Young Lex.

It is clear that Young Lex feels unacceptable, he also intends to hold a contest to track down the whereabouts of netizens who mocked his son.

Interestingly, the netizen then sent a Direct Message to Young Lex containing an apology. Young Lex originally planned to meet the netizen in person, unfortunately he was in Sulawesi.

In addition, Young Lex has also found repeated apologies from these netizens, this has made the person concerned and finally discouraged from reporting to the authorities.

“He DM wants to apologize for all kinds of things. I said I wanted to meet him in person, but in Sulawesi, it’s like … lazy is that right?”

“Then I still want to report this to the cyber team, I thought like … he begged me to have children of all kinds. I thought I was shaking for sure, “he said.

Previously, Young Lex had indeed boasted that he would report the Netizen’s actions to the police.

Penulis: | 12 Maret 2021 | blog