Yaya Toure finally announced his retirement

Barcelona and Manchester City fans should have immediately given great appreciation to Yaya Toure, as the player through his agent announced that he was ‘hanging shoes’ or retiring as a professional soccer player who had raised his name.

Starting from the 2018 season, Yaya Toure is no longer playing after undergoing a short career with Greek club Olympiakos, which was previously driven by Manchester City in the 2017. The season he is still 35 years old, but Yaya Toure chose to end it.

Investigated, he has taken this decision out because Yaya Toure did not find a club that could support to remain at the highest level. As already known together, Yaya Toure had said he still wanted to continue playing.

But all that is clear now, where the agent of Yaya Toure, Dimitri Seluk ensures that his client has decided to ‘hang shoes’ and that means the player will be a football lover from behind the scenes.

“He has decided the best that he ends up as a champion. The farewell match given by Manchester City to him, actually, was the end of his playing career, not only in the team, but also in general,” Seluk told the media.

“Yaya Toure deserves recognition because he is the best player in Africa and has one of the most shining careers in the history of African football, so he has to leave football at its peak,”

“Then of course, they have to play in their best position in terms of physical condition Yaya Toure can do it at a high enough level for the next five years. I am sure that two years after, Yaya received a pro coaching license, he will handle one of the clubs seriously and achieve success in the world of coaching. Now he has begun to take steps in that direction, “concluded Seluk.

If we dissect the last Seluk statement, then Yaya Toure is claimed to have taken steps to gain training. Investigated, Yaya Toure wants to build one of the big English Premier League clubs in the future.

Speaking of his career, Yaya Toure can be called one of the subscribers to become champions. During his 18-year career, Yaya won a total of 17 trophies from various events, because he was joined by one of the world’s largest clubs, such as Barcelona and Manchester City.

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