Wow! Weird Genius poster emblazoned in NY Times Square

Indonesia can feel proud of the fact that one of the homeland bands managed to penetrate New York Time Square. It was the Weird Genius Poster fronted by Reza Arap, Eka Gustiwana and Gerald Liu who won the achievement.

This is known after one of the Weird Genius personnel, Reza Arap uploaded a video on social media with a caption that said;

“I don’t know the right sentence for this. We succeeded, I succeeded, “he wrote.

Many later commented on the post, congratulating Reza Arap and Weird Genius. Not a few also come from the artist to the musician.

Reza Octavian himself could not reply to each of these congratulations, he then uploaded an Instastory which contained a thank you note and determined that this was not the first.

“Thank you, thank you for everything. Thank you for what has been said, thank you for everything that was said,”

“This is a great start. We will have the next surprise. And yes, thank you Indonesia, “said Reza Arap in his Instagram Stories.

A relatively similar picture was also uploaded by another Weird Genius member, Eka Gustiwana. The difference is, this 30-year-old man wrote the following caption;

“We have never been there, but at least our photos arrived first,” Eka wrote.

Indeed Weird Genius already has several singles released, but their most explosive single, entitled Lathi, reached the European market to the United States. Even until this news was revealed, Video Clip Lathi (Ft. Sara Fajira) has been watched 73 Million Times.

This achievement actually exceeds the expectations of the Weird Genius and Sara Fajira personnel. In fact, when she was a guest star on the Deddy Corbuzier Podcast, Sara Fajira said she would be very satisfied if the video clip view reached 500 thousand.

“This, if it reaches 500,000 views, it’s really cool,” Sara Fajira recalled some time ago.

The Lathi song itself is a mixture of traditional Javanese music combined with Electronic Dance Music or EDM.

Penulis: | 13 Juli 2020 | blog