Wow! This is what the police found when tracing Zakiah Aini’s IG account

The name Zakian Aini has recently become a hot topic of conversation among Indonesians after the woman in the veil attacked the National Police Headquarters with a firearm. To reveal who Zakiah Aini is, the police then trace his digital footprint.

It all started on Wednesday afternoon, March 31, 2021, on cctv, a veiled woman entered the Police Headquarters through the back door. The woman then walked towards the front post, when she got there, she asked for the location of the nearest post office.

The officer on duty at that time automatically briefed the woman where the nearest post office was located. The woman walked out but came back and opened fire on a number of police officers.

The police then took firm action by firing measured shots at the woman, who later died on the spot.

After seeing her identity, it turned out that the woman named Zakiah Aini was 25 years old. However, not much is known by the police about the figure of Zakiah Aini from the items she was carrying.

For that, they conducted a search on the digital footprint of the veiled woman.

An Instagram account with the same name was found, the account is known to have uploaded the ISIS flag on its Instagram account before carrying out the action. The police also said there were writings related to the jihad struggle.

The news was conveyed directly by the National Police Chief, General Listyo Sigit Prabowo, at a press conference at the National Police Headquarters. In his statement, Listyo revealed that an ISIS flag post was found on the account.

“The person concerned has a new Instagram or was posted 21 hours ago in which there is an ISIS flag. There is an article related to the problem of how jihad is fighting,” said National Police Chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo.

Furthermore, it was also said that the authorities had searched Zakiah Aini’s residence where several things were found including a will.

“We also found during the search at his house, a will and a word in the WA family group that he was going to say goodbye,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, based on the latest search, there are now a lot of Instagram accounts with the name Zakiah Aini, because a number of individuals use their names for personal gain.

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