Wow! This is the reason why Ronaldo, Dybala and Higuain cannot play together

Juventus has a superb attack line, consisting of Cristiano Ronaldo, Paulo Dybala and Gonzalo Higuain. However, the fact is that these three players have never played together in a match. Regarding this matter, coach Maurizio Sarri admitted that these three were almost impossible to play together.

Cristiano Ronaldo himself joined Juventus in the summer of 2018, while Dybala has indeed been the Bianconneri’s mainstay since 2015. Higuain himself just returned to Turin last summer, from the loan period with Chelsea. Now Juventus has three extraordinary strikers in the squad.

Maybe people imagine, will be very extraordinary when the three players appear together in a match. But in fact until now, Ronaldo, Dybala and Higuain have never played together.

Maurizio Sarri then explained what was the reason for not being able to play these three bombers simultaneously. He said that could not be separated from the characteristics of each of them, who could not complement each other.

“At present, playing three strikers is difficult because of the characteristics of the players. You cannot prohibit Dybala from going too deep, and at the same time the characteristics of Cristiano are not playing too central. We must take some precautionary measures to fill more penalty areas,” Sarri said. as reported by Goal International.

Furthermore, the former Chelsea manager spoke up about the draw that his team received in the match against Sassuolo last weekend. According to him, the Juventus players were only exhausted after the European Champions League party. But now, the Bianconneri players look more confident in the training session.

“It’s normal that after the Champions League game there is a decrease in energy, mental and self-confidence. But from what I see in practice I am confident. As usual, we must respond on the field, getting three points is always important regardless of the game,” he said.

Meanwhile, Juventus itself will face Lazio in the Italian Serie A continuation this weekend. The match will take place on Sunday morning WIB, 15 December 2019 at the Stadio Olimpico.

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