Wow! This Indonesian Diva spent her summer at Allianz Juventus

An Indonesian Diva, Krisdayanti felt so confident when introducing the Juventus Allianz Stadium which is the proud stadium of the Turin football team. On her occasion, the diva and her family were on vacation in Italy.

The plan is Krisdayanti will spend a week in Italy, not forgetting herself to show excitement with her husband Raul Lemos, and her two children. Amid the excitement, it seems that there is a heart that blocks Krisdayanti because at that time Juventus was not competing.

If it refers to that status, it is very reasonable lonely because indeed the European football league is on holiday. As for Maurizio Sarri’s squad currently preparing for the 2019 pre-season tour, in the opening match they will face Tottenham Hotspur on July 21, 2019 in Singapore.

This pre-season match is not an arbitrary match, where Juventus as a subscription team play in the 2019 International Champions Cup. This situation is clearly undesirable by Krisdayanti and families who can only see the splendor of Allianz Stadium by visiting the Juventus museum.

One moment you can’t miss is taking pictures, seen Krisdayanti and family taking pictures on the edge of the Allianz Juventus pitch. “Thank you very much for Juventus,” Krisdayanti wrote on her personal Instagram.

Allianz Stadium is arguably one of the stadiums of Italian public pride because it has sophisticated technology and is certainly magnificent with the concept of modern. Juventus also recorded history by having its own first stadium in Italy. For information, most Italian clubs rent stadiums owned by the local government.

The rays of modern light Allianz Stadium then become one of the attractions that must be visited when in Turin. If you want to feel a different sensation from other stadiums, then you must prepare money of 25 Euros as the cost of the Allianz Stadium tour.

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