Wow, this artist did fake suicide prank on social media!

Suicide can be said as a shortcut to end this life, with various underlying reasons. Suicide cases are countless in Indonesia, but when it involves a public figure, of course the story will be different. Like the recent Instagram account of Aida Saskia, which shows a live suicide attempt.

Obviously, this directly shocked the social media universe. But later it was revealed that a suicide attempt by Aida Saskia was apparently just a prank. This was confirmed by Aida’s manager, Madi, when contacted by the media crew.

“She (Aida) was fine. That was just a prank. Yes, that’s how she pranks,” Madi said, as reported by

Instead of laughing, Netizens instead consider it to be stupid and not funny. In fact, Benny Prawira as the head of Into the Ligt Indonesia also commented on this matter. Benny regretted this very much, moreover it was done by a public figure. In this case, people considered he would underestimate if there was a real incident that occurred.

“That’s not funny at all. Because we know that in Indonesia still believes the myth that people who ask for help on social media are people who only seek attention. So what is feared from this case is that people increasingly believe in the myth to just ignore or considered ‘Ah you’re just cranking!’ “Benny said.

Of course, suicide prank is not the only thing that is in the spotlight on social media, there are several other pranks that are not less in the limelight, such as rape prank, to motorcycle taxi online. The suggestion, as a smart netizen, should be able to respond seriously first, so whether it really happens later or just a joke on rear affairs.

Benny also added, if you meet a similar case in the future, whatever prank it is, it must quickly seek help first, because it is feared that it really happened.

“Whatever happens, whatever motivates people when they talk about suicide on social media is still responsive. It is better for us to overestimate and we are wrong, than we underestimate but it turns out he really wants to die,” he said.

Penulis: | 10 Desember 2019 | blog