Wow, President of Juventus donates 10 million Euros to eradicate Coronavirus!

The unstoppable Coronavirus continues to be a threat to a number of countries, including Italy.

The country was listed as the second country after China which was exposed to the most outbreaks of this virus. No less than 30 thousand cases have been found in Italy, including affecting two Juventus players, Daniele Rugani and Blaise Matuidi.

Of course, this is very alarming, because many parties are working together to help eradicate the COVID-19. These include President of Juventus, Andrea Agnelli.

The conglomerate and his family donated 10 million Euros or IDR 167 billion to help local authorities fight the Corona virus. According to the La Stampa report, Agnelli also bought 150 respirators from abroad to be sent to hospitals in the Piedmont region.

Perhaps, Agnelli understands very well the impact and spread of this virus. Moreover, two Juventus players have been infected. In fact, Daniele Rugani was recorded as the first football player in Italy in Italy who was positive for the corona virus.

While in total there are currently 12 players who have contracted the plague. That is, Italy is having a corona virus emergency. Increasingly more severe the spread of the new Corona virus or Covid-19 in the country led by Giuseppe Conte.

Of the 31 thousand cases found in Italy, a total of more than 2,500 people have died from the virus. No less sad is the number of patients recovering from this virus, only slightly different from the number who died.

As far as this news was revealed, there were 2941 people who had recovered from the Corona Virus. Even for Tuesday the number of victims recovered far less than those killed.

This corona virus also makes the Serie A Italian League must be stopped temporarily. All sports in Italy are suspended until at least April 4th. But it is believed that it will be extended to see the increasingly severe spread of corona there.

Juventus itself also campaigned for supporters to participate in contributing to eradicate the corona virus or at least prevent its spread by isolating themselves at home.

They have also quarantined the players and club staff.

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