Wow, Paul Merson slams criticism on Mesut Ozil again

Former Arsenal player Paul Merson again highlights one of the club’s senior players, Mesut Ozil. In fact, in his criticism this time, Merson did not hesitate to call the German player the world’s worst player!

The former Real Madrid star has experienced ups and downs in performance since joining Arsenal. He had been seen as a mainstay of the Gunners again since Mikel Arteta was sitting in the coach’s chair, but not long ago it was pushed aside again.

Of the total of the last four matches, Mesut Ozil has only played one match. That is, the German playmaker has only played once since the English Premier League was rolled out again on June 17 yesterday.

In fact, Ozil also hasn’t been played by coach Mikel Arteta even though the club is in need of creativity in the last few games. So it’s only natural that the former Real Madrid star was in the public spotlight.

Moreover, the fact is Mesut Ozil still receives a large salary every week, even the biggest compared to other players. No wonder Paul Merson thinks that Ozil should not be suitable for Arsenal.

Big Clubs that have competed in championships are only suitable for Ozil, not a team where their presence is needed as a differentiator like at Arsenal today.

“I think Ozil is a prime example of a player who has to play in the right team, who will be there, dominating a football match. He must play in a very successful team, ”

“He cannot play in this Arsenal team, this is why: he will not change his game now in his 30s, and Arsenal will not change their game for him,” he told Sky Sports.

What makes Paul Merson so disappointed to see Ozil is when the player is not in possession of the ball. At that time according to him the player looked like the worst player in the world.

“If he doesn’t get the ball, he’s one of the worst players in the world! I will say that. Mention me the worse player in the world when their team doesn’t have a ball?” he said.

Currently, Ozil is under contract until the year 2021 at Arsenal.

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