Wow! Milk and honey used as a sadistic torture method

Milk and honey are two more delicious healthy drinks and without a mixture of chemicals. But who would have thought, the two drinks originating from nature turned out to have been misused in the past.

In the 5th century BC, in the Era of the Ancient Persian Empire, it was known to have some very sadistic torture methods. One of the most famous methods at that time was schafism. Uniquely, the Scafism Method only uses honey and milk media.

According to a historian named Jacob F. Field, in his book ‘One Bloody Thing After Another: The World Gruesome History’. He explained how the victims were executed in detail.

In the condition of being naked without wearing a single strand to cover his body, the victim was tied to a small and narrow boat. The victim’s legs and head were not tied, explained that this was to keep the victim alive.

After the binding, the execution victims will be forced to consume milk and honey in very large quantities. The goal was really sadistic, so that the victim has diarrhea from drinking too much milk, while honey is given to invite the arrival of bees.

When he felt that it was enough, the executioner who was executing would smear the victim by using Honey and Milk, until the body concerned was drowned by it.

Usually milk and honey will be poured into the eyes, ears, mouth, face, and several other body parts. There are also those who make their victims sink slowly in a pool of milk and honey.

After that, the boat which is inside the victim is left floating in the middle of the lake or river. Honey mixed with milk and also the victim’s droppings filled the boat, inviting the arrival of insects and bees to breed in it.

In a few days, the victim will suffer and slowly die from shock, starvation, confusion until Delirium. This method of torture is known as the most sadistic method of torture in its era.

Not even a single survivor of the famous sadistic Schafism method was recorded.

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