Wow, Madonna loves cupping therapy!

Cupping therapy is known as one of the traditional health therapies that have been tested to provide benefits for the health of the body. In fact, one of Hollywood’s top celebrities, Madonna also does this therapy regularly!

This is known through the latest upload of the 62-year-old woman on Instagram. In her latest photo, it looks like the two legs of Madonna have just received cupping therapy treatment.

Meanwhile, on one part of the leg there is a beautiful scar that is deliberately exhibited to netizens. There are several other photos which basically show that the singer of the song Lucky Star has just done cupping therapy, there are many circular marks on her thighs.

You can see from the photo, Madonna is taking a photo of herself in front of a mirror, seen wearing a crop top and hot-pants. Her pink hair is left hanging down her shoulders.

To emphasize that she had just received cupping therapy treatment, Madonna then added the hashtag to the caption of the photo she uploaded.

For your information, cupping therapy is a form of alternative medicine where a heated cup or bulb is placed on the skin to be sucked.

During this process, a few minutes of red blood will come out, which is claimed is the dirty blood on our bodies. Well, this cupping therapy actually has a variety of benefits, including overcoming pain, inflammation, thrust flow and relaxation.

Madonna herself has shown similar activities on social media four years ago. At that time he uploaded a photo of the part of his body that had just received cupping treatment.

Madonna is known to frequent cupping therapy after her ex-husband Guy Richie fought over custody of her son, Rocco. Since then, her fans have believed she has made a stress-relief effort with cupping therapy.

Meanwhile, from the results of her marriage with Guy Richie, Madonna was blessed with six children, including twins Stella and Estere, who were only eight years old.

As for cupping, not only Madonna does this therapy regularly, there are also several other Hollywood artists who do the same thing, such as Justin Bieber, Jennifer Aniston, Lady Gaga, and many more.

Penulis: | 22 Desember 2020 | blog