Wow, if MU can sign Jadon Sancho…

Rumors of Jadon Sancho’s transfer to Manchester United have been intense in recent months. However, until now no agreement has been reached.

However, some reports claim that Manchester United have reached a personal agreement with Jadon Sancho. And now, the Red Devils only have to reach an agreement with Borussia Dortmund as the owner of the Winger.

It is said, the German Bundesliga Giant has installed a tag for Sancho, allegedly at 120 Million Euros.

Manchester United, on the one hand, is said to be ready to fulfill the request, as long as Borussia Dortmund are also willing to pay the figure in installments.

It’s just that, recently there has been news again claiming that MU has withdrawn from the hunt for Jadon Sancho. The financial condition of the club felt the effects of the coronavirus pandemic so they did not feel ready to spend that much.

But, for Andros Townsend, it’s actually a pretty cheap figure for a potential player like Jadon Sancho. The plus value, he is an English player, so it would be great if MU managed to buy this former Manchester City.

“Jadon Sancho is a world class player, with the potential to be a future Ballon d’Or winner. Paying 120 million Euros for a player of his age, I think he is more expensive than that,”

“He is of British blood, still young, I think it is a very cheap price if they get it at that rate,” he told talkSPORT.

The abilities that Jadon Sancho possesses at the age of only 20 make Townsend believe that this player has a bright future and will benefit Manchester United later.

“He brings creativity, he is very fast and technical, he can play on both sides of the wing, can use both feet, has played abroad and can handle the pressure of leaving the family.”

“He has it all at a very young age – still 20 years old. As I said before, he is a world class player and 120 million euros, I think Man United have very, very much benefited here,” he concluded.

Actually, Jadon Sancho is a player from the Manchester City academy who left for Dortmund since 2017.

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