Wow! Georgina’s salary as a waitress reaches IDR 27.8 Million

Georgina Rodriguez’s life changed 90 degrees when knitting romance with mega World soccer star, Cristiano Ronaldo. Currently the life of the Argentinean-blooded sexy section is like a top celebrity, and the changes include her current job as a model.

Superior with the beauty of a sexy body shape makes Georgina Rodriguez priced as a famous lingerie model named Yamamay. The notes reveal that through this new job, Georgina Rodriguez could collect income of US $ 5 million or equivalent to IDR 69.7 billion.

This change is considered to be very special, long before getting to know Cristiano Ronaldo, Georgina Rodriguez was a shop assistant. Even before being in the shop, Georgina Rodriguez had worked as a waitress in an exclusive bar called Sanaset, in Jaca.

Her job as a new waitress was said to be very sufficient, where the income could finance Georgina Rodriguez’s life for a month, with an income of USD 2,000 (Rp. 27.8 million). Bored as a new waitress, Georgina Rodriguez tried a new job as a shop assistant at a Gucci shop that was stuck in Madrid, Spain.

This road can be called the path of beauty, as her job as a shop assistant leads her a meeting with Cristiano Ronaldo. While working there, Georgina Rodriguez was paid 97 US dollars or IDR 1.3 million per week.

Life as a daughter of a father named Jorge, then this story is quite scary as the father is known as a criminal. He was a convicted cocaine and drug kingpin who has been jailed for 10 years since 2003.

Jorge must accept the sentence because it was proven to smuggle 100 thousand Pounds of cocaine from Spain to France. From a series of existing processes, Jorge finally got official because of good and free treatment in 2008.

This bad story did not necessarily make Georgina Rodriguez feel the smallest, even though HER father was a drug kingpin, but she was free from drug abuse. Interestingly here is when the bad story does not reduce Ronaldo’s love for Georgina Rodriguez.

Until now, the relationship between the two world class stars are fine, and Ronaldo was claimed to be faithful to Georgina Rodriguez. Heard some issues if Ronaldo is ready to marry Georgina Rodriguez in the near future.

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