Wow! Apparently there was a statue of David Beckham in the Thai Buddhist Temple

If you are a traveler, then you must visit a Buddhist temple in Bangkok, Thailand. Interestingly here, you will find something different from other temples, where you will see a statue of Manchester United legend, David Beckham engraved on his altar.

Speaking of who Beckham is, then all football fans must know him as a football player who is very famous even in all corners of the world. The most prominent in Beckham is not only good at playing football, but also supported by a beautiful face.

Throughout his career as a professional player, Beckham got the most titles when he was still in the Red Devils uniform. Not enough in the English Premier League, Beckham also expanded his wings with a career at Real Madrid and PSG, plus LA Galaxy, United States.

Along the course of his career, Beckham fans also grew so fast. Arriving at a moment where there is one who then reveals his admiration for Beckham in a different way. Based on reports, a fan intentionally carved a Beckham statue in a temple.

The statue that looks neat and almost similar to the original shows Beckham with a full uniform wearing a Manchester United jersey. Indeed the statue was declared by the sculptor himself had been made since 1998 ago. However, just recently the statue became famous.

“Art in a temple can be a big attraction. Temple leaders want them to stay here for hundreds of years so that the next generation can see culture in this period,” said the temple manager.

“The architect who designed the temple is a fan of Manchester United and likes David Beckham. So the abbot thought it would be a good idea if he put a soccer player in the temple where people prayed. ”

The existence of the statue of Beckham at the temple was in fact a great attraction, as evidenced until now the temple was visited by many tourists. But not solely because of the statue of Beckham, but also there are those who specialize in praying.

As an additional ingredient if there is not only a Beckham statue that is symbolized by a public figure at the temple, there are also big names like Barack Obama, Superman, and Pinocchio, all of which are world-class carved statues.

Penulis: | 14 Juni 2019 | blog