Worth deserves to be a role model, Prince Boateng compensates his fans

Choosing role models in a football career can indeed be a motivation to keep fighting. But there will be when all of them are equipped with a commendable attitude, and one of the players who deserves to be a role model off the pitch is Barcelona’s new midfielder, Kevin-Prince Boateng.

This officially transported midfielder from Sassuolu openly showed an attitude of concern for fans, and this was reflected in his personal social media account. In voluntary ways, Boateng compensated money for the case of his move to Barcelona.

This season looks different for Boateng, who previously worked in Italian Serie A, while his previous career was playing in the German Bundesliga, Eintracht Frankfurt. Although the season was not special at Sassuolo, Boateng still attracted Barcelona’s interest.

During this time he has played 13 Serie A matches with a collection of 4 goals. Not many people think if his career with Sassuolo runs so short. Coming as a big club, Barcelona faced a permanent status for Boateng.

With the existing agreement, Barca can empower Boateng with a dowry of eight million euros. Apart from that, there is one interesting story coming from one of his fans on Instagram with the Godsavethekingborn account. Boateng’s decision to leave Sassuolo also brought a loss to the figure of the account, because he lost the Fantasy Football Team game.

Investigate, the account figure has the courage to spend large amounts of money to be able to bring Boateng in the Fantasy Football Team game. With intentions, the account sent comments on Boateng’s Instagram account. Then who would have thought, if the comment got a response from Boateng.

In the contents of the reply to the comment, Boateng claimed to have sent some money to replace the losses suffered by his fans. In a joking tone, and just for fun, the fans felt uneasy towards Boateng by asking the player to give his money to a charity or replace it with a plane ticket to Barcelona to watch the match there.

Penulis: | 13 Februari 2019 | blog