World’s Best Player for 6 times, Messi demanded to win World Cup trophy?

It’s not easy to be a Lionel Messi, despite having won 6 Ballon d’Or throughout his career, he still has high demands for a World title with Argentina.

At club level together with Barcelona, ​​Lionel Messi’s achievements need not be doubted. He has won many titles, even all the titles that Barca can win. These include four European Champions League titles.

His statistics and record as an individual are also extraordinary. The most goals scored in various events has been carried by this 33-year-old player. No wonder he was chosen as the world’s best player and collected Ballon d’Or six times.

But it is undeniable the fact that there is one trophy that makes Messi’s beautiful career record looks incomplete. The trophy is none other than the World Cup trophy which makes it supposedly not worthy of being considered the best player of all time.

Messi struggled to win the trophy. The last time his struggle stopped in the last 16 of the mat in Russia two years ago. His best achievement was the final in the 2014 edition in Brazil. Unfortunately, at that time Argentina lost 0-1 to Germany in the top match.

Of course many feel disappointed with the fact that Messi never shines with his country. Argentine goalkeeper Oscar Ustari was disappointed to see this fact. In fact, he felt unfair if Messi never won the title.

“I am very confident that if Messi does not get a chance to become world champion, football will be very unfair,” Ustari opened to Radio Miter via Goal International.

However, Ustari did not doubt the Messi’s commitment and struggle with Argentina. He was disappointed because many Argentineans doubted the seriousness of Messi when playing on the international stage.

“To doubt Messi is absurd. The situation can go well or not, but I reiterate to you that I’ve seen him cry like a child because of what happened in the national team, “continued Ustari.

Oscar Ustari was one of Messi’s associates when he won the 2008 Olympic Cup in Hong Kong in 2008.

Penulis: | 27 Maret 2020 | blog