Won twice in a row, Quartararo admits get inspired from Marc Marquez

Team SR Petronas Yamaha racer, Fabio Quartararo confirmed that the victory he won in the first two MotoGP series this season was inseparable from the role of Marc Marquez. How can?

The French rider explained that his competition with the Repsol Honda rider last year, especially in the second half, had made him learn a lot.

El Diablo learned many ways to face rivals and control the race fully. He felt this clearly when dealing with Spanish racers at the Misano Circuit, Thailand.

Quartararo cannot deny the fact that the race will feel different in the first two series if Marc Marquez also competes. But, on the one hand the impetus presented by the Repsol Honda rider last year also became another reason.

“If there is Marc, it will definitely be harder for me to win. But it’s still fun if someone encourages you, because if I’m here, it’s because Marc gave me encouragement last year, “Quartararo was quoted as saying by Marca.

This 21-year-old figure also praises Marc Marquez who can recover quickly. Although he has not been able to pave anymore, Quartararo prayed for the eight-time world champion to recover as soon as possible.

“Marc is a racer we all want to meet again as soon as possible. But watching the video when he was doing push-ups, I said, ‘This person is really a robot.’

“He can’t race with that injury, it’s normal, but it’s still amazing,” he said.

For Fabio Quartararo, the victory in the first two series was his first victory in the highest class since debuting last year. Of course, these victories succeeded in silencing the critics.

In addition, thanks to these two victories, Quartararo currently sits at the top of the standings with riders with 50 points.

The next race will be held at the Brno Circuit, Czech Republic, precisely on 7 to 9 August. Predicted, the race will be more difficult for El Diablo than the previous two races, because Marc Marquez is ready to appear again since the beginning.

Penulis: | 31 Juli 2020 | blog