Won the first podium, Alex Marquez reluctant to ‘puff up with pride’ ahead of Aragon Grand Prix

After winning his first podium in the MotoGP event, Alex Marquez was reluctant to puff up. The younger brother of Marc Marquez will set aside his score last week ahead of the Aragon series on October 18.

As is known, the Repsol Honda Team Rider finally won his first podium in the MotoGP event right at the LeMans Circuit in the French series last week.

At that time, Marc Marquez’s younger brother started the race in 18th position. Even though the race was colored by heavy rain, Alex was still able to go fast, until he finally finished in 2nd place, only less fast than Danilo Petrucci.

Of course Alex admitted that he was very happy with his first podium at the highest event. He also thanked everyone who supported him all this time.

However, Alex realizes that it is time to forget about the score to look at the Aragon Grand Prix next week.

“The past few days have been fun, I can enjoy the feeling after the race at Le Mans. I want to return to thank everyone who has supported me or sent messages to me after the race.”

“But now is the time to press the reset button a little,” he said.

Furthermore, the success at the French Grand Prix last week did not mean Honda could just feel satisfied. Alex feels that there is still something that needs to be addressed, especially the results in the qualifying round.

“We will return to work at Aragon, and qualification is still the most important area we have to work on, especially when considering our racing rhythm is usually not too bad and we are able to fight fiercely in every race,” he said.

Perhaps, during the draw in France yesterday, heavy rain was enough to help Alex Marquez reach his first podium. However, he hopes that the Aragon GP will have sunny weather.

“We’ll see how the weather will be. In the morning, Aragon can usually be very cold, so we must continue to pay attention to this. Let’s try to have a good racing week,” concluded the 24-year-old rider.

Meanwhile, thanks to yesterday’s second podium, Alex is now in 14th place in the standings with a collection of 47 points.

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