Won over Liverpool and City, Arteta asked Arsenal no need to be proud

Arsenal coach, Mikel Arteta was reluctant for his team to be carried away by the Euphoria of an extraordinary successive victory over the top two of the Premier League, Liverpool and Manchester City. According to him, the fact is the Gunners do not need to be proud of these two wins.

For information, the North London Club look good when dealing with Liverpool in the Premier League last week. Although their opponents are the Premier League champions this season, Arsenal won by a score of 2-1.

A few days later, the Gunners were immediately confronted with Premier League runners-up, Manchester City but this time in the FA Cup semifinals. Had doubts won, Mikel Arteta’s troops won again, this time with a final score of 2-0.

Of course the two wins are very special, given that very few teams can beat Liverpool and Manchester City at the same time in a row.

This victory is like proving that the Arsenal players did work hard to fix the performance of those who had blown away. Yes, at least these two wins signify that Arsenal have stepped in the right direction.

Arteta praised the performance of his players in these two matches. Even so, the interpreter hopes his team will not be swept up in the euphoria of the two special wins.

“All the praise for the players who have given the best performance and believe what we are trying to do,”

“Obviously this is a marathon. This is a long-term project that must run properly and you must continue to do it for 10 months. It’s not enough to look neat in just a week. ” So says Arteta at Arsenal (dot) com.

Arteta asserted that until now the fact that Arsenal have not won anything, even the European zone is still not within reach.

“We haven’t done anything. We only won two matches that have given us a big injection of confidence. Also a feeling that if we all do our best, we can compete with any team. ”

“However, now the most important thing is we have to be consistent and do it every three days,” he said.

In the FA Cup final, Arsenal will face one of their city rivals, Chelsea.

Penulis: | 21 Juli 2020 | blog