Won landslide victory in the first match, this is what Pirlo said…

Juventus started their path under the new coach Andrea Pirlo with very positive results. Facing Novara in a trial match, the Bianconneri won a landslide victory with a final score of 5-0.

As is known, Pirlo himself was appointed to replace Maurizio Sarri, who was fired after the failure in the European Champions League. The public certainly cannot expect much from the club legend, because he is also just starting his career in the coaching world.

In fact, his own appointment surprised many, because the demand for the title at Juventus was very high.

Even so, the 5-0 victory over Novara is proof that Juventus can do a lot under Pirlo’s lead. In terms of gameplay it’s not perfect, but there are quite different playing styles.

In this match, Cristiano Ronaldo et al looked more comfortable in dominating possession. They seem to force their opponent to play in the final third while slowly looking for gaps.

In the end, Juventus won 5-0, and of course this result was very satisfying despite the fact that it was only a pre-season test match.

Pirlo understands very well that the real challenge is to win the title and he has been used to that challenge since he was actively playing.

“I am satisfied, we have only been training for two days together. The players are fully committed, and that is the most important thing. I am the coach of Juventus, it is natural that every coach who comes here must be a champion.”

“I know I have to be a champion, that’s how I face it as a player and will remain like that as a coach,” Pirlo told the Italian Football.

Meanwhile, Juventus itself has recently proposed to the Government to allow the opening of the stadium again even though the number of spectators is limited and still adhere to health protocols.

Pirlo hopes that the permission can be granted, because the presence of the audience is needed by the players.

“The hope of welcoming them to the stadium tomorrow is still there, at least for part of the stadium. We need them, as well as all Italian football and European football,” he said.

Juventus have just played the first match of the Italian Serie A season on September 21 against Sampdoria.

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