Without Ronaldo, Madrid will be difficult to maintain UCL titles

For the first time in nine years, Real Madrid will play without the presence of Portuguese star, Cristiano Ronaldo in the 2018/19 season campaign. Although, there are still many star players in the Real Madrid’s first team, according to the Manchester United’s legend, Rio Ferdinand, Los Blancos will be difficult to maintain the UCL trophy without Ronaldo’s presence.

As is known, Cristiano Ronaldo has defended Real Madrid since 2009 ago. During the nine-year period of his career with the Red Devils, the 33-year-old player successfully presented a number of prestigious titles, including 4 European Champions League titles. With the fact that Ronaldo is the top scorer in history, of course, his contribution to Madrid in winning the four trophies is huge.

Unfortunately, Cristiano Ronaldo decided to leave the Santiago Bernabeu in the summer transfer market this year to Juventus. Despite being without the top scorer in the club’s history, the fact that Real Madrid also has star players. However, Rio Ferdinand is not sure Madrid can defend the European Champions League title without Ronaldo.

“I think they [Real Madrid] will not be as strong as last season. We have seen last season that he [Cristiano Ronaldo] has always been a differentiator for them. When Madrid are left behind or they need to break the deadlock, Ronaldo will advance to free them from a difficult position. I don’t know if they have players who can do what Ronaldo does or not right now.” told Ferdinand to Goal International.

Furthermore, Ferdinand admitted that at this time his hopes were on the Wales National Team winger, Gareth Bale.

“Right now the pressure is on Gareth Bale. Can Bale go forward and be a differentiator for Real Madrid now? We all know that he has the ability and potential to replace Ronaldo’s duties. The stage is now available for him, and I myself hope he can be a differentiator for Real Madrid at the moment.”

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