Winning the match, Pirlo still complained about Juventus’ performance

Juventus did manage to win over Genoa in this Coppa Italia match earlier today, but once coach Andrea Pirlo seemed dissatisfied with the performance of his players.

The duel took place on Thursday morning WIB (14/01) at Allianz Stadium. As predicted, the hosts appeared to dominate from the first minute, they even went two goals ahead thanks to the actions of Dejan Kulusevski and Alvaro Morata.

But unfortunately, the visitors managed to score two goals back before the game ended, which meant that the match was continued to an extra round of 2×15 minutes.

In that extra round, Juventus again appeared to dominate, but the goal they had been waiting for did not arrive in the 104th minute. It was Rafia, a part of the Juventus U-23 squad that successfully became the winner for the Bianconneri.

Previously, it should be noted that Andrea Pirlo did make a large rotation in this match. Several players rested like Cristiano Ronaldo and Adrien Rabiot.

This decision makes players who rarely appear and young players have the opportunity to show off.

In terms of performance, Juventus’ performance is actually quite slick because it is able to control 60 percent of the ball and open 13 shots with three of them being goals.

However, coach Andrea Pirlo doesn’t seem satisfied with the team’s overall performance.

“We made life complicated, because we played really well in the first half, then it got distracted and the game felt tougher,” Pirlo told RAI Sport after the match.

With such mastery and performance, Pirlo regretted that his team couldn’t end the match earlier. However, this victory is quite important considering the Coppa Italia is one of the main targets of the Bianconneri.

“It’s a shame, because we did what was needed and should be able to control the situation better. The Coppa Italia is the target, so winning and qualifying for the next round is important,” he continued.

As for next, Juventus will face Inter Milan in the continuation of the Italian Serie A. The duel Derby D’Italia will take place on Monday morning WIB (18/01).

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