Winner Or Loser? Play Aces & Eights, Know For Yourself

Aces and Eights is a very popular video poker meeting all your expectations. This is from the house of Microgaming, which has made sure that video poker still remains one of the all time favorites. The game is based on the so called story of Bill Hickock, a known gambler thought to have been shot dead when he was playing poker. So sometimes the game is also called as the Dead Man’s Hand. It is closely related to Jacks or Better and is played with the standard 52 card deck. The house edge or RTP is set at 98.72%.

Poker Layout 

The first hand is dealt with 5 cards initially. If you want a good paying hand, keep all the strong cards, discard the others and make winning combinations.

One major thing to make a note of is if you get all four Aces or all four Eights, the payout is greater than other 4 of a kind hands.

There is no concept of wild cards in Aces & Eights.

Pay Table

Bonus Features:

Final Thoughts

Aces & Eights is as simple as it can get. And it is rewarding too. In case you want to experience the fun and get the best odds, log on and register yourself at BetDeal website.



Penulis: | 25 Maret 2018 | Slot game