Winner Or Loser? Play Aces & Eights, Know For Yourself

Aces and Eights is a very popular video poker meeting all your expectations. This is from the house of Microgaming, which has made sure that video poker still remains one of the all time favorites. The game is based on the so called story of Bill Hickock, a known gambler thought to have been shot dead when he was playing poker. So sometimes the game is also called as the Dead Man’s Hand. It is closely related to Jacks or Better and is played with the standard 52 card deck. The house edge or RTP is set at 98.72%.

Poker Layout 

The first hand is dealt with 5 cards initially. If you want a good paying hand, keep all the strong cards, discard the others and make winning combinations.

One major thing to make a note of is if you get all four Aces or all four Eights, the payout is greater than other 4 of a kind hands.

There is no concept of wild cards in Aces & Eights.

Pay Table

  • Royal Flush: This hand gives a maximum payout of 4000 coins when you play with 5 coins, 1000 when you bet 4 coins, 750 for 3, 500 for 2 and 250 for 1 coin.
  • 4 of a kind (A’s or 8’s): This combination yields 400 for 5, 320 for 4, 240 for 3, 160 for 2 and 80 coins for 1 coin.
  • Straight Flush: This gives out 350 credits for 5 coins, 280 credits for 4 coins, 210, 140 and 70 for 3, 2 and 1 coins respectively.
  • 4 of a kind (7’s): This pays out 250 when you place your bet with 5 coins, 200 with 4 coins, 150 with 3, 100 with and 50 for 1.
  • 4 of a kind (others): This lets us take home 100 credits for 5 coins, 80 credits for 4 coins, 60 for 3, 40 for 2 and 20 for a single coin.
  • Full House: This gives 40, 32, 24, 16 and 8 credits for 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 coin.
  • Flush: A 5 coin bet will fetch you 25 coins, 4 will give you 20, 3 will yield 15 coins, 2 coin bet will give 10 coins and 1 coin bet will fetch 5 coins.

Bonus Features:

  • Doubling or Nothing Feature: Whenever there is a win, choose one of the cards from your dealt set, which has a higher value than that of the dealer’s card. If you are successful in picking a bigger card, your win amount is doubled. Or else you risk the chance of losing all the money.
  • Jackpot: The game does not offer any jackpots.

Final Thoughts

Aces & Eights is as simple as it can get. And it is rewarding too. In case you want to experience the fun and get the best odds, log on and register yourself at BetDeal website.


  • It offers higher payout for certain combinations, compared to other video poker games.


  • Payouts are not huge.
  • No jackpot provided.

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