Win big at Anfield, Pep Guardiola talks about supporter problems

Manchester City successfully established their position at the top of the Premier League standings after humiliating Liverpool at Anfield in Week 23 yesterday.

The Super Big Match duel itself took place on Sunday night WIB (07/02) at Liverpool headquarters. Initially, the match was fierce, where reciprocity occurred, so that the scoreboard changed to 1-1.

But in just a short time, Manchester City managed to score two goals against Liverpool due to a fatal blunder by goalkeeper Alisson Becker, the score changed 1-3, the visitors’ advantage. Phil Foden then sealed City’s victory with one more goal.

1-4 positions last until the game is over, where automatically Manchester City are not shaken at the top of the standings. In addition, Citizen also successfully ended a bad record without a win at Anfield that lasted 18 years.

Yes, Manchester City haven’t won a single win at Anfield in the last 18 years, and Pep Guardiola’s men won their maiden win last weekend.

Indeed, Anfield is known as one of the ‘haunted’ stadiums for Liverpool opponents, coach Pep Guardiola himself admits. However, the former Barcelona coach also considered that there was something different from Anfield without spectators.

“Of course I am proud of the players who can break records that have lasted so long, it proves how difficult it is to win here.”

“Anfield without spectators is very different because I can imagine when the score is 1-1 and the effect will be very different for their players,” said Pep Guardiola after the match.

Despite this fact, Pep still praised the Manchester City players who played their best throughout the match, including the substitutes who supported his teammates from the first minute.

“We reacted well, no one slacked off, everyone attacked very boldly. Raheem Sterling was outstanding, like last season, phenomenal performance.”

“The commitment of the players on the bench who are not playing continues to support their colleagues. Three points, I am grateful for this victory,” he concluded.

For information, Anfield itself is still not allowed to open the stands for spectators due to the ongoing pandemic.

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