Will you try these 4 “goosebumps” foods in Korea?

The North London giant, Arsenal, in the end indeed appointed Mikel Arteta as their permanent coach. Previously, there were several names of candidates in ciSouth Korea is indeed known as one of the countries that are ‘seductive’. Tempting here in many aspects, such as tourist attractions offered to culinary.

Yes, in South Korea there are many tempting culinary deliments such as dim sum, kimbab, and many more. But make no mistake, in the land of Ginseng it turns out there are also some extreme foods that make us shudder even though only listening. What are these extreme foods?

1. Sannakji

What is Sannakji? In South Korea, this food is quite famous, even most people there really like this one dish. But if you don’t or haven’t seen it directly better don’t imagine the taste of this one. The reason, Sannakji is raw octopus! Yes, raw octopus without any processing will be served and consumed directly with some additional seasonings such as pepper and so on. There are even those who eat it while still alive!

2. Gaebul

Sounds interesting, Gaebul is a culinary that comes from a type of penis fish. Called penis fish, because it looks very similar to a man’s penis. If you imagine this fish being processed by boiling or frying and then seasoned, it might be an interesting dish. But the fact is that in Korea, Gaebul or penis fish are eaten raw, just like Sannakji. Just imagining it makes me feel sick to my stomach.

3. Gaejang

South Korea is famous for its processed seafood, but most seafood dishes there sound extreme. After Sannakji and Gaebul, there is also Gaejang. This is a culinary originating from crabs, but the same as Gaebul and Sannakji, these crabs are served raw for us to eat right away. Awful!

4. Beondaegi

Beondaegi, sounds interesting doesn’t it? But do not look from the name yes, the fact is Beondaegi is a food that comes from silkworm cocoons. It’s just that, unlike the three culinary above, Beondaegi is indeed processed before consumption, whether boiled or steamed, can be added with soy sauce to taste more savory. But just seeing the shape of a silkworm cocoon will make us feel nauseous.

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