Will The Pink Slip To Vahid Halilhodzic Backfire The Japan Squad?

It is a bit surprising to everyone that the present coach Vahid Halilhodzic is given a layoff notice. It is more shocking as FIFA World Cup 2018 is just a couple of months away. Of course, the “communication” problem of the present coach has a low confidence level of the team members. This necessitated looking for a new coach. The short time ahead of the World Cup 2018 scheduled during June-July 2018 at Russia made the management to look for an internal coach within the association. With this background, Akira Nishino would be a new coach for the Japan team under whose guidance the World Cup would be played. No doubt, that Akira Nishino has experience in managing FIFA tournaments on the earlier occasions too.

Moreover, the stellar capability of the skipper Yoshida would be a cornerstone for the country’s performance. The experience of captainship at the Olympic game 2012 would be handy in leading a team this year too for the Southampton-based Yoshida in his contribution to the goals at the crucial fixtures.

How Ensured the Place in World Cup?

In the encounter with Australia, the hard-fought Japan team ensured their place in the World Cup 2018 at Russia with an offside trap for a goal just prior to the half-time and won 2-0.

Probable Squad

The final squad will see from the probable goalkeepers like Kawashima Eiji, Higashiguchi Masaaki, Nishikawa Shusaku, and Hayashi Akhijiro.

You can see the players in action from the Defenders such as Nagotomo Yuto, Makino Tomoaki, Morishge Masato, Yoshida Maya, Fujiharu Hiroki, Sakai Hiroki, Sakai Gotoku, and Shoji Gen.

As far as the Midfielders are concerned, the favorites among the players like Hasebe Makoto, Kashiwagi Yosuke, Kagawa Shinji, Kiyotake Hiroshi, Yamaguchi Hotaru and Haraguchi Genki would be picked up for the FIFA World Cup.

Among the Forward players such as Okazaki Shinji, Honda Keisuke, Havenaar Mike, Kobayashi Yu, Kanazaki Mu, and Usami Takashi, the final list would be drawn to represent the World Cup.

Undoubtedly, Shinji Kagawa who is a midfielder performer is one of the core players with 89 feathers in his cap. Similarly, another midfielder Keisuke Honda is an asset to the squad. We need to wait and watch whether Honda would be to show his mettle in the attacking department. No one can undermine potential capability of the defender Yuto Nagamoto.

In the absence of Okazaki in the squad, other players should shoulder more responsibility in every fixture at the international level.

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