Will The Korea Republic Show Their Mettle In FIFA World Cup 2018?

The football lovers would recall that South Korea was present ever since the World Cup 1986 though they could reach the finals during the year 1954. The 1-0 loss to Germany in the year 2002 is still fresh in memory. In the background of this history, all the players and critics alike are eagerly awaiting the performance at the 21st World Cup scheduled in Russia during June-July 2018.

Consequent upon dismissal of Uli Stielike, the new coach Shin Tae Yong was named in July 2017. His experience of coaching for the national U-20 team, which won the AFC Champions League in 2010, would be handy for the incumbent coach. As admitted by the coach himself, his concentration would be mainly in Mexico and Sweden in the same group besides the defenders Germany. He is confident that the contribution from his assistant Toni Grande would match his expectation.

Final Players among the Squad

The most probable Goalkeepers likely to find the final squad would include Kim Seung-Gyu, Hyun Woo Cho, and Jin Hyeon Kim.

Among the Defenders for the World Cup could be from Lee Yong, Hong Jeong-ho, Kim Jin-Su, Choi Chul soon, and Kim Minwoo, Hyun-Soo Jang, Park Joo Ho, Kim Minnie, Young Sun Yun.

Similarly, the probable players for the Russian FIFA world cup 2018 would be shortlisted among the midfielders like Jung Woo Young, Ki Sung-Yueng, Koo Ja-Cheol, Kwon Changhoon, Jae Sung Lee, Chang-Min Lee, and Ki-Hun Yeom.

The likely forward player who might find a berth includes Son Heung Min, Hee Chan Hwang and Keun Ho Lee.

Positive Points

You will find that Ja-Cheol Koo who has scored four goals in the qualifying match has been included in the probable’s list though otherwise, he is not among the popular players.

It is interesting to know that Koo Jacheol whose contribution was valuable against the Taeguk Warriors. We need to wait and watch how he performs during the summer World Cup.

Perhaps, the third consecutive captaincy at the FIFA World Cup would enable Ki Sung-Yeung to display his mettle. Similarly, the football lovers expect the all-rounder and gifted Swansea City player would show some wonders and not disappoint his fans.

Suspense in Store

The entry into the qualifiers list with a tense 0-0 draw was tricky when they played against Uzbekistan accompanied by the inability of Syria to beat Iran. With this background, it is apprehended whether Korea Republic would repeat a meek surrender repeating the scene of World Cup 2014 is curious to wait and watch.

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