Will Mexico Survive Against Sweden?

Mexico has been qualifying the top 16 in last 6 world cups, and it seems like this time it will not be hard for them to qualify for the same. Though Mexico is playing too good in this world cup 18, and now the match held on 27th June between Mexico vs. Sweden is doing to be great to watch. It is more likely to be challenging for Sweden as Mexico is having better chances of winning this match because of their great gameplay and better odds of winning a match.

However, according to the experts of this time, the odds are not at all the same. Mexico has 2.49 chances of winning whereas Sweden takes the lead with 2.90 chances this time. This is really confusing, and one cannot just hold on to one team out of them. You will be surprised by their gameplay and trust me this is going to be one of the greatest matches in this world cup. The odds of Draw are much more, and it stands on 3.19 chances of getting this match draw.

Group F – Mexico vs. Sweden

Well, coming to the group, it does not feel like a World cup Group anymore. They placed Mighty teams in a single group, and it is going to be challenging for all of them. There is no chance of holding back for any team, and every single match seems to be much more interesting this time.

So, this group contains one of the greatest teams of all times and that are Germany, Sweden, Mexico, and the Korean Republic. So, Germany stands at the higher percentage of winning where it stands 79% probability with 3/10 odds, Sweden having a probability of 11% with 13/2 odds, Mexico quite similar at 11% probability with 11/2 odds and the Korean Republic with 0% probability with 16/1 odds.

Head-to-Head Battle

These sides have met 3 times in the last world cup, and they have some great matches in past. Though one of these matches comes out to be challenging and all of the matches are mentioned below.

Mexico 0-1 Sweden – 29/01/2009

Mexico 0-0 Sweden – 27/01/2005

Mexico 2-1 Sweden – 23/02/1994

Sweden 3-0 Mexico – 08/06/1958

The 1958 match was good for Sweden as you can see in the odds. This is going to be very tough this time, and the odds are still with Sweden.

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