Will Mexico Prove Their Worth Against South Korea?

The match between South Korea and Mexico is a major one deciding which team will make to the knock out from the play. They are playing on June 23rd at the FIFA world cup 2018, Rostov arena. Mexico will be confident of winning this one, at the same time making plans of the other matches which lie ahead after this schedule. Meanwhile, South Korea are working behind the curtains discussing how to bring down the Mexicans on 23rd June.

The 2 teams are familiar with each other, meeting 14 times previously. Of these meetings, 7 of them were won by Mexico and 6 by South Korea, whereas one was a draw.

Mexico automatically made it to the world cup by displaying a good performance in the CONCACAF North and Central American group, which had tough teams like the United States, Costa Rica, Panama, etc. Mexico is a very volatile team, and their current form no way reveals how good or bad would they perform on any given day. Even through a game, their form varies. But in the recent warm up matches, they showed decent results.

South Koreans are usually dominant but during their qualification matches, they were subdued by the more dominant Iran. Nevertheless, they earned the second automatic qualification with their consistent game play.

Footballs fans would be eager to watch the Mexican team on the field since they are a combination of young blood and veteran experience. Couple it with the talent that they have, you get a deadly combination. They have attacking talents like Hirving Lozano, who is potentially impressive with his work. The match could be a perfect setting for him to cement a permanent place in the team.

For South Korea, there is one man who can carry the dream of the world cup. He is Son Heung min, who is dependable and focused. His lone efforts will not help the team march out of the knockout phase, but this player will have his own ways of wowing the spectators.

The Koreans have their own strengthening game play chalked out for each team. They, however, look very meek and are hardly considered as a tough opponent. However, Shin Tae Yong’s men are not to be taken lightly, without giving them adequate opportunity. If opportunity knocks on the door, the squad will snatch it with both their hands, and the rival team could be at the receiving end of their brutal show.


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