Wife of Rome Legend was a sexy underwear model

Francesco Totti is a figure who deserves to be the most successful legend for AS Roma. Even the whole world got crowded when the player decided to hang shoes from the world of football that had raised his name in the 2017 season.

For his long loyalty to Rome, Totti was nicknamed the King of Rome. The more complete with the big name Totti, the player was accompanied by a beautiful queen named Ilary Blasi. The fans described the Totti family as the Roman royal family.

In fact many say if Totti and Blasi are celebrity couples who are comparable to the figure of a world-famous couple, Posh and Becks. The two big names of the figures have ensured popularity on Italian television since the turn of the 20th century.

Totti with his career as a professional footballer, and Ilary for his long career as a model and TV presenter. For now, the wife is still working as a presenter on the Italian version of Celebrity Big Brother. Even Totti was a guest star at the event.

If operating Ilary’s career in the intertaiment world, the result is a long journey. The most interesting of the many stories, where Ilary’s mother then entered her agency when she was 3 years old.

Luckily for Ilary, because she immediately ran into an advertisement, TV and film star. Growing up, Ilary even got a job to pose naked before becoming a catwalk model.

Totti’s relationship with Ilary took place in the 2003 season. They later married in 2005 at the Santa Maria Basilica in Ara Coeli, a famous 12th-century church, and very close to the Colosseum.

The positive aura of Ilary and Totti was truly extraordinary, the second wedding event was broadcast to all Italian television programs, one full day. More complete for both, because now they have been blessed with two beautiful daughters.

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