Wife of Madrid veteran player is ready to enliven the Serie A stage

The 2019 summer transfer market is still a long way off, but welcoming it has seen plenty of hot gossip about which players will come to big clubs. And one of the hot gossip is the issue of moving Real Madrid veteran, Marcelo Vieira is rumored to be following in the footsteps of Cristiano Ronaldo to Juventus.

This news increasingly gave the truth when his wife, Clarise Alves revealed his longevity towards the presence of Cristiano Ronaldo and family. This response came because the two figures often had family meetings while still in Madrid.

“Ronaldo’s transfer has bad consequences for us. I know close to his mother and Georgina (Rodriguez, Ronaldo’s lover). Our child is also a friend. “His departure from Madrid made our lives empty,” said Clarice.

Marcelo and Ronaldo are known to have defended Madrid for nine years. Their cooperation ended last summer because Ronaldo moved to Turin and left many trophies and individual titles for Ronaldo.

Following the issue from Clarice, Marcelo claimed to have demanded EL Real to immediately release him to Juventus. While the news from the Italian media, said that if Madrid just wanted to let go of Marcelo if Alex Sandro was sold.

So far there has been no serious response from the Juventus regarding this, because what is certain is that Juventus has just extended Alex Sandro’s contract until 2023. The Marcelo love story with Clarice has been established for 11 years, they officially dated in 2008 and have now been perfected by the presence of two sons, Enzo and Liam.

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