Wife of Fabinho trolls the failure of Luis Suarez at Anfield

Fabinho Tavares is one of the players who contributed to Liverpool‘s success in this season of Champions League final. The success seems to be supported by his sexy wife, named Rebeca, who turned out to always fully support when the Reds competed.

In the second leg match against Barcelona, Rebeca witnessed Liverpool’s 4-0 victory over Lionel Messi CS. This success suddenly dissolved the mood of the lover to issue a happy expression. As for Fabinho appeared since the first minute and managed to lock the team midfield to stop the pace of the Barcelona attack.

Rebeca, who has a profession as an influencer on social media several times wrote words of support for Liverpool. Unmitigated, Rebeca also repeated videos and photos several times about The Reds’ victory over Barcelona at Anfield, which claimed historic.

Liverpool ensured their status as the team that stepped into the final round after winning 4-3. Rebeca herself is not lacking in the belief that Jurgen Klopp’s team can comeback at Anfield. Left behind by three goals in the first leg, Liverpool were so shocking and Anfield deserved the special prize.

“How many times do I tell you guys!! We are Liverpool, “wrote Rebeca on her personal Instagram account @reebecatavares after Liverpool’s landslide victory over Barcelona.

Interestingly here, when Rebeca commented because she liked one of the comments from @pldadepressao, who wrote a satire for the Barcelona striker, Luis Suarez, who happened to have played with Liverpool.

“Respect to Luis Suarez, he said he would not celebrate the goal at Anfield and he really did not celebrate,” quoted from the comment that Rebeca replied.

We have heard together that Suarez blurted out a sacred promise that he would not celebrate if he scored at Anfield. Interestingly, the Uruguay national team player really didn’t score and that meant he didn’t celebrate.

Rebeca also reacted and it seemed that she was really happy with what happened to Suarez. Moreover, Suarez celebrated when he scored against Liverpool at the Camp Nou in the first leg, despite his status as a former player.

Apart from sweet memories of Barcelona yesterday, Rebeca was looking forward to waiting for the final to be held at Wanda Metropolitano, Madrid, on June 1, 2019. Jurgen Klopp’s troops will face fellow British representatives, Tottenham Hotspur after they won a dramatic win over Ajax.

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