Wife gives clear signal Mauro Icardi will join Juventus

Wanda Nara, Wife and Transfer Agent Mauro Icardi seems to give clear signals that her husband will return to Italy by defending Juventus next season.

The news of Icardi’s departure from Inter Milan has indeed been echoed since last summer. It’s just that he did not join Juventus as rumors do. Argentine attackers moved to France to defend Paris Saint-Germain on loan for one season.

His performance in France is quite satisfying. Before the Corona pandemic made the competition suspended, the 27-year-old figure had already won 20 goals with Paris Saint-Germain.

However, Icardi’s satisfying performance did not necessarily make PSG move quickly to buy it permanently this summer. Les Parisiens called objections to the official price set by the Inter Milan for the player.

No doubt, Icardi’s future is still a puzzle, recently he was associated with Italian Serie A giants Juventus. On the one hand, Bianconneri is said to want to release Gonzalo Higuain and Icardi can be said to be an ideal replacement.

Questioning these rumors, Wanda Nara seemed to give a signal that her husband would join Juventus.

“We are Italian citizens now, so if something happens to me, I prefer to experience it at home. Italy is our country, because it has given us beautiful parts of life, “said Wanda Nara.

For information, Icardi is currently in Paris, undergoing an independent quarantine like other players. While Wanda Nara and her three children are in Italy. But lately, Maxi Lopez looked furious with his ex-wife.

How come? Wanda Nara is determined to go to Lombardy, which is the center of the Corona Virus spread in Italy. However, Wanda Nara stressed that she did not invite her three children to the venue.

“I did not bring my children to the pandemic center. Maxi knew very well that we lived in a small village outside Como, where there were only a few [positive] cases there, “he concluded.

Italy entered as the list of the worst countries exposed to this virus. But lately, the rate of spread there has slightly subsided.

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