Why the Helmets of a Top-Notch Brand stand out?

It is the undeniable fact that a motorbike helmet is a protection from head injuries, which otherwise might be fatal in case of an accident. Though you may not be reckless in riding a motorbike, in case of you fall down, the serious head and facial injury can be avoided. There are umpteen brands of helmets in the market, yet the top-notch brands ensure compliance with the specs and thus serve the purpose for which you wear a helmet.

There are many common special features between the leaders of the helmets based out of Japan. Both the dedicated and reputed companies aggressively focus on the design and safety conforming to the DOT and SNELL standards. Therefore, there is no wonder why the motorbike riders use widely the renowned brands like the Arai and Shoei helmets in motorsports racing.

Actively Safer

Any standard fiber material is sufficient for a helmet. However, with a view to assuring you the active safety, the Arai or the Shoei brands use the aerospace material of superfine filaments. The superior quality of material has more than 30% of higher tensile strength than the standard fiberglass.

Perfect Aerodynamics

The fatigue in wearing the helmet is not the result of the weight of the helmet. It is also due to the wind pressure and resistance. Therefore, the top-notch brands ensure a perfect aerodynamics of the helmets after thorough quality control tests undertaken in a state-of-the-art wind tunnel technology.


The fundamental change in the design of the helmet was introduced by Shoei in ensuring proper ventilation without compromising on the high-speed stability. The dual layers allow the cooling air to pass through the tunnels created within the layers.

Noise Reduction

No doubt, the high decibel noise while driving is an irritant for the driver. It not only causes stress and tension besides reduced concentration while driving. The optimization of the acoustic damping properties besides the interior padding would facilitate in reducing the noise levels thus increasing the efficiency level of the rider.

Perfect Fit

Though free size helmets are available, the reputed brands like the Arai would also customize the helmet with additional cheek pads or interior liner size, which are removable to adjust to meeting the perfect fit to the individual. Also, Arai offers an exchange or full refund of the money in case you are not satisfied with the helmet.

Improved Safety

The crucial factors like the actual weight, the “felt weight” and the dynamic weights are kept in mind for the convenience of the rider. This would ensure a higher level of safety in case of a contingency.



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