Why does the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo make everyone happy?

Cristiano Ronaldo has officially left Real Madrid in the 2018 summer transfer market, and agreed to join defending Italian Serie A champions, Juventus. It should be, Real Madrid are certainly not happy with the departure of the mainstay player, who has provided many titles over the past nine years, but a midfielder Toni Kroos revealed, the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo has been pleasing to everyone.

As is known, the Portuguese mega star was brought in by Real Madrid from Manchester United in the summer transfer market in 2009 ago, with a transfer value that broke the world record at that time, 96 million Euros! Well, during wearing the Real Madrid costume, it could be said that Cristiano Ronaldo performed brilliantly, by recording 450 goals in all competitions for the Spanish La Liga giants, presenting a number of titles, including four European Champions League titles and two Spanish League trophies.

Nobody expected, till Cristiano Ronaldo decided to leave in the summer transfer market in 2018, after bringing Real Madrid to win the third European Champions League in a row, or the fourth overall. Clearly, the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo made Real Madrid disappointed, or at least that was shown by the fans throughout the 2018/19 season. Moreover, in reality Real Madrid did not win any titles at the end of the season.

Obviously, fans were disappointed with this situation, they then flocked with a banner that read “Take Ronaldo”, even though in the second half of the season, the club had returned Zidane to the position of coach. But midfielder Toni Kroos just assumed that everyone was happy with his departure. Not because there is something with Ronaldo, but because the deal with Juventus please both parties, both Cristiano Ronaldo himself and Real Madrid.

“It would be strange if you don’t feel like someone lacks Cristiano Ronaldo, who has determined many matches with his goals, but his move has made everyone happy. He wants a new experience and Real Madrid get a lot of money,” said Kroos to Sport Bild.

At present, Real Madrid are claimed to be trying to bring in a new player who can replace Ronaldo’s role next season. They are believed to be hunting a French star player, Kylian Mbappe.

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