Who Will the Fans at Volgograd Arena Stadium Cheer at Saudi or Egypt?

It is true that Saudi Arabia representing at Russia in the FIFA World Cup 2018 is considered as underdogs. The skillful squad of Saudi Arabia may not be able to over-power the talented boys of Egypt. When the ball starts rolling on 25th June at the Volgograd Arena Stadium, it is the unpredictable result unless the mandatory schedule of 90-minute ticks in.

Saudi Arabia

No doubt, after the absence of Saudi Arabia in the preceding two seasons of the World Cup, the Arabian team is representing at the FIFA World Cup 2018 at this summer in Russia. The last date encounter with Japan, the play of Fahad al Muwallad helped the team to the berth in the world cup.

The prolific player among the team is Mohammed Al Sahlawi, who is the expectant goal scorer. He has 16 goals on his cap that represents Al-Nassr back at his home. Though he is still a striker to reckon with at the age of 31, he is an inspiration for the other team members.

You can see the aggressive pace when the 5½ ft tall Fahad A;-Muwallad is on the field who always aims a goal. His loan to La Liga Club Levante should bestow him enough experience to hone his skills with the ball.

The newly appointed coach Juan Antonio Pizzi has a huge responsibility to fulfill in ensuring the team would display an outstanding performance in the ensuing fixtures.

We need to wait and watch whether the likely format of 4-3-3 would achieve the desired objective of the Green Falcons.


The hibernation of nearly three decades is too long a period for the Egyptians in returning to the World Cup series. No doubt the sliding performance of the team is being rejuvenated now with some striking players in the squad.

Mohamed Salah is considered as a pharaoh of the team who fulfilled the objective of the team in the qualifying encounters. The Liverpool star has a substantial fan behind him. Perhaps the shoot out of this player when he faced Congo is fresh in the memory of the football lovers.

It will be a daunting task for the Head Coach Hector Cuper to bring back the team to the limelight after many years of a lull.

Though the ranking of Saudi Arabia at 70 and the position of Egypt at 46 throws some hope for the squad of Egypt, it is hard to predict the result with certainty. In addition, the Egyptians have a global experience, which cannot be underscored.

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