Who Will Taste Glory This Time? France Vs. Argentina

The match between the most dangerous teams of all time is held on this 30th June. France and Argentina will be fighting against each other this time, and it is going to be interesting to watch them fight for glory. However, you will be surprised by the win that Argentina got in the last match, and it has moved to the top 16.

It was glorious for Messi with all the applause, Argentina is on hype, and it seems too much more confident in this match. However, overconfidence can either break you or make you. So, we cannot easily predict who will win this match.

France vs. Argentina Stats

Argentina has played over 7 times in this world cup 2017/18. The team only scored once or less than five of them, leaving behind three blank matches. However, this is all that Argentina has been to, and there were many trolls coming up against Messi.

France is on a great hype, and it can be seen in the previous matches. However, you can see that France has continuous 14 wins in their last 15 fixtures. This can be a great to watch this teams fighting and let us wait for the 30th June for all the interesting things to happen.

Key Players France

Antoine Griezmann (forward player) – He is one of the most dangerous players from France. This guy opens up with a penalty shot in this world cup. With the achievements of 21 goals out of 56 international manifestations is the winner of Golden Boot in Euro 2106.

Kylian Mbappe (forward player) – He is going to have one of the greatest achievements. Just one goal and he will be a 1st teenager to score twice in the one World Cup. The last person to do so was Michael Owen in `98. It is going to be much interesting to watch him play.

Key Players Argentina

Lionel Messi (forward player) – Everyone has heard of this guy and it is really interesting to watch him playing on the field. Opened up in this world against Nigeria after a superb touch and finish up reminding everyone it’s true quality.

Nicolas Otamendi (center-back player) – So, the defensive center back of Argentina has won the premier league title winner. Well, he is the only chance of getting Argentina’s Defense stronger. It is must if Argentina wants to win, then they have to level up their defense.

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