Who will take the lead? Switzerland vs. Costa Rica

Costa Rica and Switzerland have been playing the very important role by playing the last match of their group. It is going to be really great to watch them in a head to head battle in this world cup. Though, it is better if the match result comes out to be a draw. This will benefit all of the team, and the match that is going to help between them will increase the chances and winning of other such teams. Many things need to be considered if you are looking for some betting for this match.

The odds do not say all that is needed, and you have to gather some necessary information for the best predictions. No matter what you read or saw, it is just that the reality will be totally surprising for a prediction and no one can guarantee the winning team in a flick of seconds. According to the experts, Switzerland stands a chance of 1% of winning whereas Costa Rica has a chance of 33% of winning this match. However, the draw chance of this match is much higher and almost double of Costa Rica that is 66% this time.

Key Players

These are the player that can change the face of the game, and one cannot just stop to watch them playing. These players are the most valued player, and that is why they are called the key players. Players who can open all the doors and ways for their team and all of these are mentioned below.


Xherdan Shaqiri – This guy is the most profitable player of all time and one can rely upon this game. He is such an interesting game with the necessary gameplay and great necessity. Everyone can rely on this guy, and you can totally trust them to take their team out of hardship in a flick of seconds.

Costa Rica

Keylor Navas – Costa Rica would not have certified without Keylor Navas for the round of 16 in 2014. The expert stopper has kept his aspect in the overall game, and he looks establish for another huge competition in Russia come early July. He commands his charges area well, and it is superbly agile.

Head to Head Battles

So, both teams have a better past where they have been met 2 times between 2006 and 2010. This is a great thing that both the teams have won one-one time against each other.

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