Who Will Take The Lead? – Iceland Vs. Croatia

The Group D is the “group of death” in this World cup 2018. Containing one of the most dangerous teams of all times, group D matches are going to be a real challenge for every team. There are 4 teams in this group, which counts Argentina, Nigeria, Iceland, and Croatia. The match between Iceland and Croatia is held on this June 26, and it is going to be fun to watch them fighting for the Glory.

Talking about Croatia, unfortunately, this team does not make up to a higher stage in world cup since 1998. Now, this time Croatia will be focused enough to make their way out of the groups and make a place in the round of 16. As it is said that an injured lion is much more harmful and this can be challenging to fight Croatia in this world cup. Though both the teams have significant capabilities and this 26th June, the match is going to be interesting.

Iceland was impressive in Euro 16, and they caught an eye at that time. They played so well, and this time, Heimir Hallgrimsson needs to ensure it is odd against high standards to slip in this final group game. Iceland has always been one of the best teams of all times with a good history. On the other hand, Croatia has held some great records, which increases the probability of winning in group D.

Key Players

Iceland – Gylfi Sigurdsson is the creative midfielder for this team. This guy had a miserable season at Everton, and this can change a lot on the odds for winnings. He is capable of swinging any game to his side’s favor.

Croatia – Luka Modric is not that much favorite among Croatia fans, but he plays the main role in this team. He goes about his business slowly, yet effectively. Now that he has been moved to an advanced role, it will be great to see him playing.


It is going to be difficult to predict the winner out of the team in this group of death. Coming to odds, Argentina holds a probability of 83% for winning whereas Croatia holds 62%, Iceland 34%, and Nigeria at 21% winning chance. Anyways, these are just numbers, and one cannot predict future with the past. So, coming back to Iceland Vs. Croatia, Croatia hold some better chances of winning the match that is going to help on 26th of this June.

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