Who Will Take Over This Quarter Finals? England Vs. Colombia

It will be a patient wait for England’s fans for the match, and it is going to be fascinating for the fans to watch this match. Well, making their way till top 16, both the teams are in their own rage, and it seems to be a challenging match. There is no doubt that both the teams are playing well from their first match, and they have met very less in previous years. However, we can predict that this match is going to be played in the extra time.

A look at Betting Odds of Colombia

Colombia recovered well from an opening loss while fighting with Japan when Carols Sanchez was sent on early to the top of Group H. Los Cafeteros was so impressive in beating Poland 3-0 and then got out Senegal 1-0, all thanks to the Yerry Mina’s 74th– minute scored a header. However, this seems to be hard for them, and there is no chance of Colombia to head down against any team for now.

Head to Head Battles

If you are looking for a head to head league, it favors England, and they aren’t attending regular meetings. They generally one of the best teams in the tournament and if you are looking for something innovative, then you should watch head to head. The last match was entertaining on where England won the match with fantastic Michael owns Hat-trick in New Jersey. Moreover, three lions also beat to Colombia with extra two points in the 1998 world cup. They score cracking free kick in the friendly match. It is one of the popular remembered matches for René Higuita’s famous scorpion kick.

Colombia vs. England Stats

So, Colombia has reached the World Cup’s knockout stages for the third time. It is going to be really hard for England to fight over them. But the last occasion of 2014, the team was selected for the top 16.

England has won only two of their last eight matches of the knockout stage. In the previous games, the team only proceeded six of their 8 times in the knockout phases.

Keeping all this in mind, it seems that Colombia is going to take over England. It is going to be an interesting battle between both. According to the stats, here mentioned above can help you in predicting the winner easily.

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