Who Will Seize The Opportunity – Serbia Or Switzerland?

Serbia and Switzerland will be hoping to take up the second place in their Group E when they meet at the Kaliningrad stadium on June 22, at the FIFA world cup 2018. Serbia is considered by many as the underdogs and they would be happy with the tag. In fact, they could be giving a tough fight to everyone in this tournament.

The two sides will be meeting each for the first time so they do not know each other’s strongest and weakest links. Logically speaking, Brazil will emerge as a top scorer in this group and Costa Rica do not stand any chance of making past this stage. So it is a tossup between the Swiss and Serbians. None of the teams would entertain the idea of a draw and this could mean a ball of a time for the audiences.

During the qualifying stage, Serbia was placed along with Wales, Austria and Ireland but they still qualified for the world cup. They could muster up 2 goals on an average in each game and displayed some impressive attacking game play.

Switzerland was not so lucky during their qualifiers. They missed an automatic qualification but they ended the stint with 27 points, winning 9 of the 10 matches that they played. They showed a good defense, giving away goals only on seven instances.

The encounter is going to be the talk of the town in Group E throughout the tournament. Switzerland did not create any waves in the international football world but they surely deserve their long awaited recognition. Based on their previous world cup encounters, hopes are pinned on them that they will march forward past the group stage. They could not have asked for an easier team than this one. They have some quality players with them but what they lack is consistency. They do not have a player who is a regular goal scorer.

On the contrary, team Serbia is a quietly confident team and they are less predictable. Of late, the international football did not get to taste the talent of Serbia. The squad could not make big of the big opportunities that they were given but this time, Mladen Krstajic’s men will be hoping for a turnaround. They are good at proving themselves against competitive opponents. Serbia has found their new star in Aleksandar Mitrovic, though he is not a world-renowned one at that. He can score goals and he is confident.

Opportunity exists for both the teams, so let us see who makes hay while the sun shines.


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