Who will be the Champions League Winner for the Year 2017-2018?

Double title win by team Real Madrid is the most discussed topic of Champions League Match. The surprise of league matches was the entry of new teams and the smaller teams showing their power that is opposed to the bigger teams. Last year teams aim to win the title that includes:

  • Paris-Saint German
  • Real Madrid
  • Juventus
  • Manchester City
  • Bayern Munchen
  • FC Barcelona

Insights of 2017-2018 Match Seasons

The 2017-18 Champions League season is all set to offer a huge number of surprises where bigger teams are set not to lose any match except few clashes like FC Barcelona-Manchester City. The playoffs from the last year include:

  • Apoel always qualifies in the matches but was removed by the FC Copenhagen
  • Other team that competed well in the matches was Monchengladbach that eliminated Young Boys. Even Porto removed the Italian team, Roma.
  • Few bigger teams gained a title in the ‘easy group’ as SSC Napoli has made a total of 11 points with three wins, two draws and one defeat.
  • Many expected results were seen during this season, as the Winners were FC Barcelona, Bayern Munchen, Juventus and Leicester. However, Real Madrid ends up in a tie to team Borussia Dortmund at 2-2.

Six Strong Contenders for the Title

To know about the team that will win UEFA Champions League Season, it is mandatory to witness present betting odds and statistics. The prediction made for the bet amount is 2.5 goals, which stand at 21 out of 20, and gamblers can (Get the best odds here). Here is a look at prospective six candidates:

  • Real Madrid: It is a great team but they encounter problems to win home country matches. It has 12 UCL match titles and betting odds may go against if they are not able to patch up their attack and cover mode. Then, this will get Zidane third crown in a line.
  • Manchester City: They have a new trainer Pep Guardiola but they still face troubles in local leagues. They have registered a win in opposition to FC Barcelona and have two significant stages of UCL left. The betting odds for the team are set to 11.00*.
  • Bayern Munchen: This German team has always remained a strong contender for match title but possesses doubts regarding the lineup to be used against Spanish teams.
  • Sevilla: This Spanish team is equally dangerous like Roma and knows to knock bigger teams. They scored 11 points and placed at 2nd position in the Group H. Team has won against Lyon, tied the match against Juventus. Its betting odds are placed to 41.00*.
  • FC Barcelona: It is one of the best teams in UEFA Champions League title and they are presumed to move easily to the next level. The frequent defensive issues have influenced the team’s performance.
  • Paris-Saint German: The past season remained tough for them but with the win against team Bayern Munchen and new MCN, it has great reasons to end in a better way in 2018.

To conclude, Chelsea is also going to make it on the shortlist with its excellent return last year. However, beating Sevilla will not be an easy task on the home grounds. For more information, Register at BetDeal to get best tips.

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