What’s Mikel Arteta said about Mesut Ozil

Arsenal finally had a new coach, and of course under the direction of Mikel Arteta, there are many things that are questioned by the public. Including one of them is the fate of the famous German midfielder, Mesut Ozil who is rarely revealed under the direction of Unai Emery and Freddie Ljunberg. So, how does Mikel Arteta answer this situation?

Mesut Ozil is undergoing a season that is less comfortable at this time, he rarely dropped by the previous manager, Unai Emery, even the Spanish coach had said that Ozil does not deserve to be part of Arsenal. The situation was expected to change when Unai Emery was kicked out of the manager’s chair and replaced by Freddie Ljunberg.

But apparently the situation has not changed, even Ljunberg who served as caretaker coach had said that Ozil was not worthy of being in the Arsenal squad, especially after the angry midfielder incident when pulled out in a match against Manchester City. So it’s no wonder the player’s situation is questioned as the arrival of the new coach Mikel Arteta.

Now, speaking of Ozil’s situation, apparently the figure who was once a teammate of the German player gave a positive signal.

“I just want him to make the decision that day to have the best player to win the match against Everton. My assignment only started after that match, so I had to choose the players mentally first, then put them in the framework I wanted.”

“With me, the players now (including Ozil) have a clean record. I tell them. You will not be judged for the things you did in the past, whether they were negative or positive, “explained Arteta.

Of course this is a sign for Ozil that he has the opportunity to return to being part of Arsenal’s main squad, on condition that they continue to be positive and work hard in training sessions. If not, it is very likely that Ozil has warmed the bench again.

The situation experienced by Ozil during the first half of this season has led to rumors that he will leave the winter transfer market next January 2020. The former Real Madrid player has been linked with a number of Turkish clubs.

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