What’s Imam Nahrawi answer to the Kemenpora about his bribery case?

The Ministry of Youth and Sports (Kemenpora) seems very anxious when their number one person, Imam Nahrawi, is involved in a bribery case hearing between them and the Indonesian National Sports Committee (KONI). The trial held on Thursday, March 21, 2019 yesterday, a defendant in the Corruption Court was present loudly calling Nahrawi’s name involved.

Trying to try to dismiss all the news, Nahrawi claimed he was not familiar with the initials M mentioned by the defendant at the hearing yesterday. The minister from Bangkalan felt that he had properly carried out his duties without ever playing ‘dirty’.

“I don’t know, I don’t know the initials. Including who interpreted the initials too. Of course I appreciate the legal process. We see later between facts and opinions. I also follow the legal process, “said Nahrawi.

This acknowledgment does not seem to make Nahrawi involved, and is very ready to undergo the process by following or even if later he gets a call for questioning. Nahrawi asked all levels of society, including the media, not to make assumptions as they carry a bad risk if they are not able to absorb them properly.

“I make sure I’m not involved and don’t know. I will follow the legal process. But do not build opinions that are not in accordance with legal facts. Interpret yourself between legal opinions and facts. Because anyone can write anything. “At the moment I don’t feel and don’t know about that,” Nahrawi concluded.

Regardless of the allegations, Nahrawi hopes the case will be completed quickly so that it can be clearly revealed who is right and who is wrong. For now, Nahrawi is focused on preparing to build Indonesian Football which has just experienced a decline in performance in the Asian Cup qualifiers.

Penulis: | 25 Maret 2019 | blog