What to do if cellphone dropped in water?

In the rainy season like now, floods are things that can happen anytime and anywhere. Although the volume of water is still relatively reasonable, it still interferes with daily activities.
Not to mention if we accidentally fall into a flood puddle. Of course, the fall of the cellphone into a pool of water can result in damage.

But many people who are still laymen, try to fix their own mobile phones by disassembling. In fact, dismantling a cellphone is not always a solution, in fact it can actually make our cellphones more damaged. So, what is the safest way to handle a cellphone that is dropped in water?

1. Don’t turn on right away

There is electricity in our cellphones on almost every side. Once the power button is pressed and the cellphone is on, it means that the electricity will run as it functions. The water that enters the cellphone and is then exposed to electricity inside can actually cause a short circuit. Therefore, when the cell phone is flooded, avoid turning it on immediately.

2. Dry the outside

Then the second way can be by drying the outside of the cellphone. The method is certainly very easy, just use a dry cloth. Make sure that each side of the phone is no longer liquid.

3. Can Use a Hair Dryer

Hair Dryer or hair dryer can also be the first handling media on cellphones submerged in water. Using a hair dryer it is possible to dry the 3.5 mm audio jack port, charger or speaker connector.

But it should also be noted that not all hair dryer devices can be used. Do not use a hair dryer that is too strong and hot winds, because it can actually damage the components in the cellphone.

4. Bring to the Service Center

After that it is highly recommended to be taken to the service center. Because if you are desperate to turn it on or dismantle it yourself, then the damage can spread everywhere. It’s better not to be knowledgeable, and leave the matter to the experts.

In essence, a cellphone submerged in water does not mean disaster, no need to panic, panic will actually make things worse. Try to stay calm, and follow the steps above.

Penulis: | 26 Januari 2020 | blog