What happened between Alexis Sanchez and Greenwood?

Alexis Sanchez‘s status as a senior player in the Manchester United squad began to be questioned, all of this started when he could not maintain good relations with all senior and young players. The latest mention is that Sanchez’s relationship with the young Red Devils player, Mason Greenwood is heating up.

It was continued that the two stars experienced a body contact collision during the training which was considered to be the result of a hard tackle conducted by Greenwood to Sanchez. Despite all that, Sanchez’s future is indeed unclear at this time.

Hoping to improve the current situation, it seems that Sanchez is busy with improving performance from injury. Various injuries continue to approach him, and the last is a hamstring injury he received last season.

The injury also made a decrease in performance from Sanchez, although looking good enough with the Chile national team, Sanchez was never 100 percent fit when returning to the Red Devils squad. In the midst of an uncertain situation, Sanchez had an argument with Greenwood.

Through British media reports, Sanchez was in contact with Greenwood during a training session on Wednesday, August 14, 2019. Training was held at the AON Training Complex, Manchester United’s training base had also experienced a different situation than usual due to this case.

As a result of the tackle released by the young Manchester United player, Sanchez assumed that the tackle was very dangerous. He then angry at Greenwood over the incident. Meanwhile, coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer actually claimed to defend the young player by acknowledging the enthusiasm shown was extraordinary.

Until now no further news has been heard, interestingly here is when trying to dissect the future of Sanchez, which until now has not been clear. Many speculations say if the player is not included in the coach’s big plans this season, the real signs are already visible.

Precisely at the weekend, where Sanchez was not seen when Manchester United successfully destroyed Chelsea 4-0 in the inaugural drama of the inaugural 2019-2020 English Premier League. As for the atmosphere that led to speculation that Sanchez will be released to AS Roma.

However, the issue raised AS Roma’s obstacle in redeeming the Sanchez release clause known to be priced super-expensive by the Red Devils. More in explaining that Rome did not just give up, and they were declared to have submitted a loan offer for one season to the Red Devils to be able to release Sanchez.

Interesting to wait, but Manchester United are considered very fortunate if they can release Sanchez to Rome, the article they will lose a big burden, where Sanchez is one of the highly paid players at Old Trafford.

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