What does Klopp say about Coronavirus outbreak?

The increasingly alarming Corona Virus outbreak is currently attracting worldwide attention. Several figures were then asked for their opinions about the phenomenon of natural disasters, one of which was Liverpool’s coach, Jurgen Klopp.

The Reds thesmselves have just had a difficult party. They swallow their second successive defeat when they travel to Stamford Bridge early morning this earlier (04/03). After the fight, Jurgen Klopp got a question about the Corona Virus outbreak.

The outbreak, which is thought to originate from the Wuhan City Market, is indeed increasingly worrying and becoming a worldwide concern. Several European countries have been affected, including Italy.

As a result, several international agendas are threatened to be canceled, including the football match itself. Several Italian Serie A matches were also postponed because of that.

The latest, the match between Juventus against AC Milan in the Coppa Italia semifinals was also postponed, even though the plan was held later in the morning. Some Champions League matches that take place in Europe are also certain to roll without spectators.

So far, there have not been Corona patients infected in the UK, so the government does not interfere with the sustainability of football there. However, do not rule out the possibility also occurs in the Premier League if the situation is already not possible.

Interestingly, Jurgen Klopp when asked for his opinion about the phenomenon of natural disasters actually gave a clear answer.

The German man asserted that the comment of a football coach about something like this is not very important. According to the former Borussia Dortmund coach, it would be wise to hear comments about the outbreak from medical experts.

“What I don’t like in life is when discussing serious matters, the opinion of a soccer coach is considered important. I really don’t understand.”

“It doesn’t matter what famous people say. People who don’t understand like me to talk about it [things outside of football], even though they should have the knowledge to talk to many people,” said Klopp at Liverpoolfc.

Some international agendas must be postponed or even canceled due to the Coronavirus Outbreak which continues to spread. MotoGP 2020 which the first series will be held in Qatar is certainly canceled.

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