What did Mourinho predict about Liverpool and Manchester City?

Entering the 2019 calendar can be said to be a bad start for Liverpool, where their path to the ladder of the Premier League champions this season hiccuped. Different from the 2018 season yesterday, where the Reds ended the year by being at the top of the Premier League with 54 points and seven points ahead of Manchester City.

Now all become a nightmare with continued decline in the performance of Jurgen Klopp’s landing squad. The defeat at the Etihad Stadium in early January was the starting point for Liverpool’s nightmare. Now it’s getting clearer, where Liverpool have dropped to second place with 70 points and Manchester City are in the top spot.

The situation that happened to Liverpool then attracted the attention of the former Manchester United coach, Jose Mourinho. He immediately issued his analysis regarding the decline in Liverpool’s performance and strongly believed Liverpool’s failure due to his own actions.

Safe Play and Draw Results

Mourinho considered that this moment happened because Liverpool played safe and the result they won 1 point. At that time Manchester City drew against Newcastle, and Liverpool should maximize that opportunity, but they were only able to reach a draw.

“I felt something bad at Liverpool when they drew, and were unable to take advantage of the situation in Manchester City to draw. This is the type of match where you have to maximize opportunities, “Mourinho said.

“Where Manchester City lost, Liverpool must get everything to win. Liverpool lost several opportunities. The opponent loses, and the next day they get positive energy because Liverpool only get 1 point. ”

Mental Factor

Now Manchester City are claimed to be in control. Liverpool are now pursuers and try to keep winning so they can put pressure on them. Klopp himself realizes that ultimately mental factors will determine the final outcome.

“Liverpool lost control, now Manchester City are in the upper hand. Man City held the fate in their hands, and Liverpool lost control. I think mentally here is important. Now we have to think of another team, not just ourselves. We think of two matches every week, “Klopp said.

“First for their own match, and second for the Manchester City match,” said Mourinho, who works in his new profession as a commentator on one of the famous soccer television stations.

In the remaining 9 Premier League matches this season, Klopp claimed to be very optimistic Liverpool would return to their supposed position and be able to maximize all matches with victory.

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